Country Overview

In late 2013, the government of Tanzania released its National Financial Inclusion Framework (NFIF) as part of its commitment to the Maya Declaration, which included a pledge to increase the level of Tanzanian adults with formal access to financial services to 75 percent in the next six years. The framework is to be implemented from 2014 to 2016 and oversight of the implementation process will be the responsibility of the Financial Inclusion National Council, a body comprising 11 member institutions from various government ministries

Within the framework itself, the government has provided its own definition of financial inclusion as: ‚ÄúRegular use of financial services, through payment infrastructures to… Read More

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Key Metrics

Source: FII Survey of Tanzania, conducted September 2013-March 2014; sample size=[3,000]

Mobile Phone
Mobile PhoneTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Own Mobile Phone67%78%58%81%62%
Own or Can Borrow Mobile Phone87%90%83%93%84%
Own Sim Card81%88%74%90%77%
Own or Can Borrow Sim Card86%90%82%93%83%
Bank Accounts
Bank AccountsTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Own Bank Account10%14%6.8%18%7.3%
Own or Have Access to Bank Account11%15%7.7%19%8.0%
Active Bank Account User (Past 90 Days)7.6%10%5.2%13%5.4%
Mobile Money Use
Mobile Money UseTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Have Ever Used MM48%54%42%68%39%
Active MM User (past 90 days)41%45%37%60%33%
Registered MM User44%50%39%63%37%
Registered Active MM User38%42%35%55%31%