Country Context

In 2011, Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank, issued Mobile Financial Services (MFS) Guidelines defining a model where MFS must be bank-led, but partnerships with MNOs are forged to reach customers. Two MFS providers have emerged as early leaders: BRAC/bKash and Dutch Bangla-Bank/DBBL. Financial inclusion is part of the central bank’s strategic plan, and the Bank aims to ensure these products meet the needs of the traditionally underserved segments of society. Priorities include: expanding access to financial services to women, poor and rural populations; and b) formalizing financial services by promoting registered transactions (versus the current majority use of over-the-counter services). Read more.

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Key Metrics

Source: FII Survey of Bangladesh, conducted September-November 2013; sample size=[6,000]

Mobile Phone
Mobile PhoneTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Own Mobile Phone58%72%44%69%53%
Own or Can Borrow Mobile Phone95%96%95%95%96%
Own Sim Card59%72%45%69%54%
Own or Can Borrow Sim Card94%95%93%94%94%
Bank Accounts
Bank AccountsTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Own Bank Account18%21%16%26%14%
Own or Have Access to Bank Account20%23%17%51%16%
Active Bank Account User (Past 90 Days)12%14%10%18%9.0%
Mobile Money Use
Mobile Money UseTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Have Ever Used MM22%31%13%26%21%
Active MM User (past 90 days)18%26%10%22%17%
Registered MM User3.4%5.8%1.0%4.6%2.9%
Registered Active MM User2.8%4.5%1.0%3.7%2.3%