Country Context

Kenya’s experience with the M-PESA mobile money service, launched in 2007 by mobile operator Safaricom, positioned the country as a trailblazer in the use of digital technologies to broaden access to financial services. Safaricom remains the dominant player in the Kenyan mobile money and other digital financial services (DFS) market, but recent regulatory and commercial developments may usher in a more competitive market…  Read More

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Key Metrics

Source: FII Survey of Kenya, conducted September-October 2013; sample size=[3,000]

Mobile Phone
Mobile PhoneTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Own Mobile Phone74%75%72%83%69%
Own or Can Borrow Mobile Phone93%93%93%96%92%
Own Sim Card77%78%76%86%72%
Own or Can Borrow Sim Card93%94%93%96%92%
Bank Accounts
Bank AccountsTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Own Bank Account27%35%19%35%22%
Own or Have Access to Bank Account29%36%22%39%24%
Active Bank Account User (Past 90 Days)21%29%13%29%16%
Mobile Money Use
Mobile Money UseTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Have Ever Used MM76%77%74%85%70%
Active MM User (past 90 days)68%70%66%80%62%
Registered MM User68%70%67%79%62%
Registered Active MM User62%65%60%75%56%
Mobile Money - Specific Uses
Mobile Money - Specific UsesTotalMaleFemaleUrbanRural
Send Money to Others42%45%39%55%34%
Receive Money From Others46%47%46%56%41%
Buy Airtime Top-Ups48%52%44%64%38%
Pay School Fee4.5%5.2%3.8%6.4%3.4%
Pay Medical Bill1.0%0.8%1.2%1.5%0.7%
Pay Utility Bill5.8%7.2%4.5%10.9%3.0%
Pay Government Bill (Tax, Fine, or Fee)0.2%0.3%0.2%0.6%0.1%