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How do we accelerate advanced mobile money usage in Tanzania?

Posted November 12, 2015

Tanzania’s telecommunications sector grew substantially in the past decade. There are now 34 million mobile phone subscribers, up from just 4 million in 2005, and more than 11 million internet users versus 1.7 million users in 2005. Registered mobile money users, as reported by the Bank of Tanzania in September 2013,have topped 30,342,540 people (9,856,440 are 90-day active users), and consumer recruitment efforts by providers in the past two years have surely driven that number even higher. Read more.

The Journey to Entrenching New Financial Habits

Posted October 29, 2015

Consumer behaviors, especially financial behaviors, are often deeply entrenched in one’s lifestyle. They both influence and are influenced by a consumer’s responsibilities, obligations, needs, desires, and ultimately, what it takes to survive. A behavior is often so deeply rooted that a consumer can’t even remember how it began. And, sometimes, it is inertia and comfort that build the entrenchment, instead of actual value and utility. Read more.

Making Mobile Money Accessible in Pakistan

Posted October 22, 2015

Mobile wallets could have a revolutionary impact on financial inclusion in Pakistan. While 8.7% of adult Pakistanis reported having an account registered at a financial institution, approximately 48% of financially excluded adults reported owning a mobile phone. This means that the mobile channel holds great potential when it comes to financial outreach. Today there are over 118 million registered mobile phone subscribers and 7.5 million registered mobile money accounts in Pakistan. Read More.

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