Today almost six in 10 adults (56%) in Tanzania are financially included, almost all through mobile money accounts (55%). Tanzania has a predominantly rural population, which makes access to financial services a challenge and digital solutions ideal. Sixty-six percent of the population resides in rural areas, and FII data shows that less than one-third (29%) of the rural population have active accounts (used in the last 90 days), whereas urbanites are twice as likely to have active accounts (61%). Approximately 77% of Tanzania’s adults live on less than $2.50 per day, with three-quarters of Tanzanians employed in the agriculture sector, according to World Bank data. In 2017, financial inclusion in Tanzania shows persistent gender, locality and income gaps; a smaller proportion of adults in the female, rural and below-poverty demographics are financially included compared to the male, urban and above-poverty groups. Making gains among these groups is key to improving Tanzanians’ financial lives.

Financial Inclusion

Total Financially Included
Financial Inclusion Breakdown By Accounts
Account Ownership By Year
59% of adults in Tanzania use a mobile phone for advanced functions.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Ownership
Advanced Phone Use By Gender
Advanced Phone Use By Locality
Advanced Phone Use By Poverty Level
27% of adults are advanced users of their mobile money accounts.

Mobile Money Use

Total Registered Users
By Gender
By Poverty Level
By Locality
63% of adults currently save with a financial institution.

What percentage of adults can borrow a mobile phone?

A. 20%
B. 19%
C. 40%
D. 13%
B. 19%

True or false

Mobile money usage is highest among men in Tanzania.

True (69% men vs. 56% women)

True or false

Which demographic group was least likely to own a bank account in 2017?

B. Below the poverty line (5%)

True or false

Advanced mobile money usage increased between 2016 and 2017.

True (it increased from 29% to 36%)

Which demographic group was most likely to own a bank account in 2017?

A. Urban
B. Male
C. Above the poverty line
D. Female
C. Above the poverty line (21%)

Registered mobile money use is highest among which demographic group?

A. Urban
B. Male
C. Above the poverty line
D. Youth
C. Above the poverty line (75%)