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The Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) program, from Kantar, produces original data and practical knowledge on trends in mobile money and other digital financial services.

Fii Updates

Sep 19 2016

Pakistan's Gender Gap in Financial Inclusion

Pakistan has the second worst gender gap in the world, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report…

Jul 27 2016

African Financial Inclusion Insights in an Instant

AFRICAN FINANCIAL INCLUSION INSIGHTS IN AN INSTANT See below and click on the country name to listen to a brief…

Jun 3 2016

Anatomy of an Indicator: Defining Financial Inclusion

Jun 3 2016

Cross-Country Comparison: Financial Services in Developing Markets

The many aspects of financial inclusion

Jan 12 2024

12 Benefits of Financial Inclusion

Studies show that improving financial inclusion boosts financial prospects, alleviates poverty, and improves the overall economy.

Jan 12 2024

What Is Financial Inclusion?

Financial inclusion means everyone has easy, affordable access to the financial institutions, instruments, services, and information they need to survive and thrive in a modern economy.

Feb 02 2024

Financing in Emerging Markets: How to Increase Access to Finance in Emerging Countries

Countless studies show that increasing access to financing can profoundly improve the economic prospects of a community. Access to financial markets, known as financial inclusion, provides economic stability, promotes economic growth, and makes communities less susceptible to economic shock.

Feb 19 2024

Cryptocurrency and banking

Increasing financial inclusion is a proven method for alleviating systemic poverty and providing new economic opportunities to unbanked and underbanked communities. People with access to banking services have more resilience against external shocks, such as war or pandemics, more resources for business development, and an overall brighter financial future.