Financial inclusion data and analysis from the 2017 FII Surveys in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda will be released in June  


InterMedia is pleased to announce the June 4th release of its 2017 Financial Inclusion Insights data and reports from the fifth-year of annual surveys in select countries in Africa and Asia. In addition to tracking trends in access, registered, active, and advanced users, the latest round of FII data also includes findings from new indicators on women’s economic empowerment, financial health and digital credit.

With the upcoming addition of the 2017 FII data, five years of nationally representative survey data and analysis will be available on our website: In addition to data download and interactive data visualizations, country reports summarizing key findings about the financial behaviors of adults in all of the eight countries surveyed by FII (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda) are available on the website. 

As part of our FII program mission, we make all of the raw data from these surveys widely available to the public. The latest data will be made publicly accessible June 4 through the FII Data Fiinder, an interactive data visualization tool found on the FII website. The Fiinder allows users to query the extensive FII dataset for information tailored to their interests. Visualizations are provided for indicators such as account ownership and mobile money awareness across countries, years and demographic characteristics, such as education level or gender. Individuals will be able to request five years of raw survey data from the research team and join our FII Data Research Community of Practice by following this link here

We hope you will explore the Fiinder and come up with your own insights regarding how people use and access financial services, their preferences, levels of awareness and capacity, and which factors drive financial behaviors and impact financial lives. Let us know how you are using the data. What observations and questions do you have? What research questions emerge for you? We’d love to hear from you. 


Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) is an ongoing research program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and designed to build meaningful knowledge about how the financial landscape is changing across the eight FII countries in Africa and Asia. FII produces data and analysis regarding citizens’ financial lives, attitudes, awareness and use of, access to, and advanced engagement with financial products and services. Through our qualitative and quantitative research, we aim to provide demand-side insights into consumers' financial behaviors, produce information that can guide policy interventions, and identify pathways for the poor to gain the financial tools they need to improve their economic circumstances. 

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